GUID Generator

Use browser extension to quickly generate
and copy GUID to clipboard - with a single click

You find the extension in 'Chrome Web Store' and 'Microsoft Edge Add-ons' by searching for 'GUID generator', or you can use these direct links:
rcFederation GUID Generator in Chrome Web Store          rcFederation GUID Generator in Microsoft Edge Add-ons
After installation you will get a small icon to the right of your address bar.

As a developer you often work with Global Unique Identifiers (GUID). Use this extension to create up to ten GUIDs by a single click and automatically copy to clipboard:
Generated and copied four GUIDs to clipboard
By adjusting the settings you can choose to create between 1-10 GUIDs by a single click, enable automatically copy GUIDs to clipboard when generated, enable automatically generate GUIDs when opening this extension, choose if GUIDs must contain dashes, choose if GUIDs must be capitalized and choose format of GUIDs that are created (Microsoft/Base64 encoded):
Settings for GUID Generator