Browser extension

Use Google Chrome Extension to automatically trace your SAML, WS-Federation and OAuth (OIDC) messages

You find the Extension on the 'Chrome Web Store' by searching for 'rcFederation' or you can use this direct link:
rcFederation SAML, WS-Federation and OAuth (OIDC) tracer in Chrome Web Store
During installation of the extention you will be asked to accept that the extension reads all you data of the website you are visiting. This is how the extension intercepts and decodes the federation messages. After installation you will get a small icon to the left of your address bar. When you visit federated websites, the messages will be intercepted and the counter will show how many are intercepted: Counter showing number of intercepted messages
Click the icon to get an overview of the messages:
Main window of extension showing all intercepted messages
You can always enable/disable the extension by clicking 'Tracing/Not tracing'. When disabled, the extension will not parse the web trafic to intercept SAML, WS-Federation and OAuth (OIDC) messages. Click 'Clear list' to remove all intercepted messages.
Click the message you want to inspect and a new window will open with the full details (raw xml). You can open multiple messages at the same time and syntax highlighting colors are used to ease readability.
Tracing details